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At the airport of Munich, they are civilised. USB, industrial and domestic rechargers at your disposal, free coffee and nap cabs.

Munich 2014

Vienna (2014)
Same church. One year later.Finland 2014
Running at 7am, 10 C degrees, on a trail, up the the silent Finnish mountains. Is any other word needed?Finland 2014
You need to cross a lake on a small boat to get to this island on which there is a sauna and the holy bible.
Lehtisaari Jyväskylä (2014)

Trying some clothes
Finland (2014)

rain+sun = colorsFinland 2014
Walking in the old town of Ostuni, is the only possible way to go back in time.Ostuni 2014

Our “last” run together in Molfetta, the land of… runners.
P.S. Tomorrow I’m gonna have my last one. Still in Molfetta, nobody’s land.

Italy 2014

A view of Polignano a MarePolignano 2014
The beauty and the beard.
Italy 2014
Does Tina know?Bruxelles 2014
Checking beard progress.Checked.Belgium 2014
Shave me, love
Leuven, 2014
interrupt me during work?killer eyes for you <3