brutality of travelling

Nothing is yours except the essential things.
Photography and people and stuff

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waiting at the J.M. Synge Theatre (c) 2010 Dublin

A Brompton in my room
The shoes that I usually travel with.

Madrid 2014

Madonna vs. Madonna
LouvreParis 2014
The guy who really can’t stop juggling in MontmartreParis 2014
It’s not about how you look. It’s about how you see
Teatro la LatinaMadrid 2014
La LatinaMadrid 2014

These are from that day I was running 44km 
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Madrid 2014

Bocadillo de calamares 3 euroEl Rastro Madrid 2014
Mercado de El RastroMadrid 2014

Running time (as if there were a time for that)

Madrid Cantoblanco 2014

Now that I have two hearts, you can have one ;)
Madrid 2014
Plaza de TorosMadrid 2014